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An Evergreen Abundance

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An Evergreen Abundance is a journey through a territory that unfolds across Central and Southern Chile, taking in the richness and endemism of the natural forests that have existed there forever.

It is a portrait of the wild landscape where the human habitats which have been part of this endemism and have given rise to a culture that is typical for the varied forests that weave this territory emerge.

This is how ‒ within the current context in which we live, devoted to a permanent transformation of natural habitats ‒ a regenerative culture emerges, rescuing the ancestry of what is native and accompanying the diverse cosmopolitan richness to greening from the inner self towards the soil that sustains us.

Bosquicultura (forest culture) is in the hands of the inhabitants of today.

This documentary teaches how to reconnect with the ancient forest, provides tools for the regeneration of territories and takes you on a journey where you will learn to create abundant ecosystems that are known today as forest gardens.


An Evergreen Abundance is a co-production between Huelemu and Indómita Producciones, which began shooting in April 2019 and is currently in the editing and post-production phase.

The documentary will be premiered as a first version at the International Forest Garden / Food Forest Symposium in England in June 2021.

The final version will be ready for its premiere in Chile and other parts of the world during spring 2021 (Southern Hemisphere).

This documentary is a free full-length film to contribute to the expansion of knowledge, free dissemination and the self-education of forest gardeners around the world.


We need your help to finish this film!

That is why we have started a collective funding campaign so that together we can make this dream come true: to release the first educational documentary that teaches about forest gardens and bosquicultura (forest culture) in Chile. 

Let us combine our strengths and intentions to make this final stretch come true by reaching the goal of 3,000,000 Chilean pesos needed to deliver this documentary next spring 2021.

Transparency in the allocation of funds:

  • Professional computer for editing the film
  • Hard disk to back up all the material
  • Fees for film editor
  • Voice-over recordings
  • Audio post-production and mastering
  • Trips to conclude the filming (palm forest and Pehuenche collection of pine nuts in Araucaria forest)

Your contribution and donation will help us deliver this material free of charge to those who want to learn how to put forest gardening into practice or just want to learn about new ways of inhabiting the planet.

Join us and make your donation!

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